Zelensky called his expectations from a possible meeting with Putin

Zelensky: meeting with Putin could unblock relations between Ukraine and Russia alt=”Zelensky called his expectations from a possible meeting with Putin” />

Vladimir Zelensky

A meeting with President Vladimir Putin could unblock relations between Kiev and Moscow, said in an interview with RBC Ukraine President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

He was asked what result he thinks the possible meeting should lead to.

“A meeting with Putin will definitely unblock relations between Ukraine and Russia, because the presidents need to find a way out at this meeting. The meeting itself— it is a signal of what the parties want. We met, said what we consider necessary, heard each other and understood whether it makes sense for us to meet in six months and continue the conversation, — Zelensky replied.

According to him, after the meeting, he and Putin can say: “In the next five to ten years, nothing will work out, this is the situation, not with us, with other generations, but for now we are trying to bury an ax of war so that our states develop on different planets, although we live on the same Earth.

Such a result can be considered good for Ukraine, since the worst thing— live in a state of uncertainty, the president said.

Zelensky made such a statement against the background of another aggravation of the situation around Ukraine. It happened against the backdrop of Western media reports, which, citing anonymous sources and intelligence data, warned of an imminent Russian attack on Ukraine. In particular, Spiegel and Politico wrote about this. Information from publications about the invasion has not been confirmed.

The Kremlin has repeatedly said that they do not hatch any aggressive plans against Kiev.

Before that, Zelensky had repeatedly invited Putin to meet. The Kremlin said that they agree to hold talks, subject to Kiev complying with the Minsk agreements and discussing the bilateral agenda. In particular, Moscow proposes to agree on the return of ambassadors, the lifting of sanctions and the lifting of mutual trade and economic restrictions, Kommersant wrote.

At the same time, Russia is not ready to discuss Donbass in the format proposed by Kiev. The Kremlin recalled that they consider the conflict in eastern Ukraine to be internal to this country, and Russia, along with the OSCE, France and Germany, only acts as a mediator under the Minsk agreements. Such negotiations should be held with representatives of the self-proclaimed DPR and LPR, said presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Kyiv has repeatedly stated that it will not enter into direct negotiations with the DPR and LPR.

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