WP announced the pulling of 70% of the “invasion forces” of Russia to the borders of Ukraine

According to sources of the publication, in two weeks Russia increased the number of troops on the border with Ukraine from 60 to 83 battalion groups, which is about 70% of the required forces for the invasion

Russia pulled to the borders of Ukraine about 70% of the forces and means necessary for a large-scale invasion. This was reported by The Washington Post, citing “numerous sources” from among officials and employees of American intelligence.

According to the publication's sources, “for a possible attack, Russia has prepared 83 battalion tactical groups of about 750 troops each.” The article claims that this is about 70% of the number of military personnel required for the invasion. At the same time, two weeks ago, according to WP, the presence of 60 such groups was recorded.

Reuters and The New York Times published similar data today. According to sources of publications, with a potential invasion, losses among the civilian population can vary from 25 thousand to 50 thousand, among the Russian military— from 3 thousand to 10 thousand, and the losses of the Ukrainian military could be from 5 thousand to 25 thousand people. In addition, the number of refugees as a result of the conflict could reach up to 5 million people.

Interlocutors of Reuters note that by February 15, the soil in Ukraine will freeze so much that Russian mechanized units in the army will be able to move freely off-road. Such conditions, according to them, will last until the end of March.

According to WP, Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to increase the number of Russian troops near the border with Ukraine after a personal meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. According to the newspaper, the two leaders have accumulated numerous grievances against the “US-led international order.” At the same time, informed officials in the United States told the publication that China is very worried about the situation regarding instability in Ukraine, as it could “put Beijing in an awkward position.”

Western media reports about possible Russian invasion of Ukraine has been appearing regularly since last autumn. The timing of the invasion was also repeatedly called. Later, this thesis was picked up by Ukrainian and Western politicians.

Russia has always rejected accusations of preparing an attack on Ukraine and intending to invade its territory. Alexei Zaitsev, deputy director of the Information and Press Department of the Foreign Ministry, argued that Moscow considered “unacceptable” even the thought of a war between the peoples of Ukraine and Russia. Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov emphasized that Russia would not “attack, attack, invade”; or anything else— to Ukraine».

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