Who will pay for fire detectors in residential buildings?

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 7. Olympics-2022: victories, forecasts, scandals 16/02/2022

The Ministry of Emergency Situations is going to equip all houses of any number of storeys. Who will pay for this?

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Now the installation of detectors is required only in new buildings. But they want to extend the practice to any residential buildings. As Rinat Enikeev, Director of the Department of Supervisory Activities and Preventive Work of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, specified to AiF, the use of autonomous fire detectors is planned to be made mandatory for all categories of citizens. At the same time, large families and other beneficiaries will be compensated for their expenses. Citizens who do not have benefits will have to buy and install fire detectors on their own.

There is a detector — 200—400 rub The  Ministries of Emergency Situations emphasize that installation does not require special skills — you can just put it on top of the cabinet.

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