What scents are created for Russian regions?

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They write that perfumers began to create smells of regions and & nbsp; republics of Russia … I wonder what & nbsp; will they smell like?

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Perfumers have already created a pilot line of fragrances from the Kaliningrad region. These are the smells of the Curonian Spit, the seaport, amber, marzipan and & nbsp; the historical center of Amalienau. In & nbsp; 2022, these smells should appear in & nbsp; museums and & nbsp; other tourist places of Kaliningrad. The & nbsp; plans for next year & nbsp; & mdash; creation of fragrances for 20 more & nbsp; regions. According to the developers, such a move should increase the tourist attractiveness of the regions. However, not all experts share this optimism.

& mdash; & nbsp; It seems to me that assigning a special smell to & nbsp; every city is wrong, & nbsp; & mdash; explains founder of the Foundation for the Development of Small Historic Cities Yuri Schegolkov. & mdash; & nbsp; It's like saying: this city is red, and & nbsp; that yellow … But & nbsp; in the & nbsp; palette of even the darkest cities there are different colors. Yes, in the & nbsp; their time in the & nbsp; Soviet Union they produced the cologne “ Krasnaya Moskva '', which was considered the smell of the capital. But & nbsp; on & nbsp; and & nbsp; ended. “ The & nbsp; smell '' a person is unlikely to go specially to & nbsp; Kostroma or Yaroslavl & nbsp; & mdash; “ hunters for & nbsp; smells '' few. It seems to me that the topic with & nbsp; tastes of the regions is much more interesting. Moreover, gastronomic tourism is now developing very actively.

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