What kind of rare helicopter Mi-28NM “Night hunter” was seen in Ukraine?

In a video published by the Russian Ministry of Defense about the work of combat helicopters over Ukraine, “lit up” rare car, the latest version of the Mi-28NM “Night Hunter” with overhead radar. This helicopter can be recognized by the radar ball above the main rotor at the very beginning of the video. 

Mi-28N “Night hunter” (according to NATO codification: Havoc — «Desolator») — Russian attack helicopter. Photo: Commons.wikimedia.org

Where did you see it

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has published video footage showing the work of army aviation helicopters in Ukraine. On the main frames, you can see that Mi-8 and Ka-52 Alligator helicopters are used to cover the Russian military convoy. In addition to the pilots, special forces soldiers are also monitoring the situation. They watch the movement of the column through the open sliding doors of the rotorcraft. As the military department said, during a special military operation, helicopters accompany the advance of units of the RF Armed Forces.  

Night Hunter

An over-hub radar and a dual control system that allows both the pilot and the operator to pilot the Mi-28NM — not all differences are machines from the basic version. “Superohotnik”, as the modernized version is also called, is armed with the first Russian multifunctional missile R-74M (LMUR), capable of operating both on air and on ground targets. He can also fly drones. Why night? Everything is simple — compared to its predecessors, the Mi-28NM has a much sharper “vision”; day and night. It is necessary to detect targets from afar and aim new long-range missiles at them. The same equipment will receive updated cars. This should be noticeable by the modified nose of the helicopter.

Built from scratch, the Mi-28NM is equipped with VK-2500P engines and improved all-composite rotor blades, which increase its speed by 10–13%. 


The latest combat helicopter Mi-28NM will be able to carry up to four long-range cruise missiles. The strike capabilities of the machine are comparable to front-line bombers. Today, no other helicopter in the world has cruise missiles of similar range and power as a regular type of its aviation weapons.

The latest helicopter can perform a wide range of tasks — from reconnaissance to the destruction of ground and air targets. Its armor is capable of protecting the crew from armor-piercing projectiles up to 20 mm in caliber.

The Mi-28NM was equipped with a new generation of guided missiles, including multi-purpose ones, which allow hitting targets without entering the zone of effective use of enemy air defense forces, and as well as unguided missiles of a new generation, which have a wider range of applications and increased power, as well as bomb weapons of various calibers.

During operation, the projectile successfully proved itself, confirming its high efficiency.


Mi-28NM helicopters are manufactured at the Rostvertol plant. (part of Russian Helicopters). The most noticeable external difference between this machine and its predecessor is the spherical radar radome located immediately above the propeller. The Mi-28NM took to the skies for the first time in 2016, and three years later the machine passed combat tests in Syria. According to open sources, there are now at least 12 Super-Hunters in the Russian Aerospace Forces.

On June 27, 2019, the Russian Helicopters holding announced the signing of a contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense for the supply of 98 Mi-28NM attack helicopters in 2020-2027. 


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