What kind of new generation anti-ship missile is being developed in Russia?

Corporation "Tactical Missiles" (KTRV) is developing a new generation anti-ship missile. AiF. ru find out what kind of weapons in question.


According to the director of Boris Obnosovcorporation, a new generation high-speed anti-ship missile is being developed with increased range and flight speed, and also with increased noise immunity. It is interesting that back in the summer the same speaker reported that the corporation was working on the creation of a new generation of high-speed anti-ship missile (ASM). This promising model will complement the existing range of aviation weapons created by the corporation.

Oh what same rocket in question?

Since there is practically no information about rocket represented, it remains only to speculate on this account. Let's start with the fact that the X-31 anti-ship supersonic missiles were created in the 1980s. Obviously they need a replacement. Earlier it was reported that a hypersonic weapon system is being created in Russia as part of the experimental design work (R&D) “Lichinka-MD”. The new missile is designed to equip fighter jets — “invisible” Su-57. Presumably, it will fly at speeds of five and more times faster than sound and will become virtually invulnerable to modern air and missile defense systems. It is quite possible that this is the very anti-ship missile reported in the interview.

The lead developer on this topic is JSC "Corporation "Tactical Missiles". The so-called product 70 is used as an engine in the rocket. It is being developed by the Soyuz Turaev Machine-Building Design Bureau, which specializes in power plants for high-speed rockets.

High speed, development company — everything converges. According to sources, the missile will be placed in the internal compartments of a Russian stealth fighter. Thus, it can be assumed that “Larva-MD” & nbsp; & mdash; this is a replacement for anti-ship ammunition for operational-tactical aviation. It should be a hypersonic missile, probably with a range of several hundred kilometers.

About company

Very remarkable is the corporation that develops this missile, KTRV was formed in  March 2003 on the basis of the decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putindated January 24, 2002 . The corporation became the first integrated structure of the defense industry of the Russian Federation, concentrating scientific and production resources to create advanced guided missiles and complexes of tactical guided missile weapons.


A video about the new rocket with voicing of part of the interview was posted online. It is interesting that the robot voices the text. The commentators were divided in their attitude to the posted information. Some are happy for Russian engineers and their inventions, reacting rather negatively to the remarks of opponents. Others express doubts about the competence of the Russian military. However, nothing new.

Naval weapons of the Russian Federation at development stage

Russia is also developing a new generation of sea-based missiles, it was previously reported that the small-sized anti-submarine complex “Packet-NK-E” is being modernized as part of this program. The complex can be installed on  ships of small displacement.

The APR-3ME “Vulture” anti-submarine missile is at the stage of serial production: the first batch of weapons has already been delivered. In the  perspective, it will be replaced by a small-sized anti-submarine missile, which will significantly exceed existing models in terms of cruising range.

How protected are the coasts of the Russian Federation?

Russia is surrounded by seas, and the protection of the coast — one of the most important tasks and it is impossible to do without modern weapons, experts say. Therefore, various defensive systems are constantly being developed in Russia, in work is underway to create new means of combating sea targets. And, apparently, there are some successes, it is no coincidence that in November 2021, the United States noted that modern Russian missiles exclude the possibility of the US Navy aircraft carrier groups approaching target areas.

The same Boris Obnosov at the beginning of the year stated that due to the appearance of coastal missile divisions with  Bastion complexes and "Ball" practically the entire sea coast of Russia is covered by anti-ship missile systems.

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