What kind of kindergartens can be spent on maternity capital funds?

The State Duma, at a plenary meeting on Friday, July 5, adopted in the third reading a law on the right to use maternity capital to pay for educational services provided by individual entrepreneurs. This was reported by the press service of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

“The law is aimed at increasing the accessibility of preschool education. Parents will be able to use maternity capital funds to pay for kindergartens opened by individual entrepreneurs, if they have a license for educational activities, — State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin.

What will change in the rules for the use of materiel funds for education?

In federal law dated 29.12.2006 No. 256-FZ “On additional measures of state support for families with children” it is said that maternity capital funds are directed to the education of the child in any organization in the territory of the Russian Federation that has the right to provide appropriate educational services.

However, earlier in the rules for channeling materiel funds it was said that payment can only be directed to the services of an organization that implements educational programs for preschool education, but not an individual entrepreneur carrying out similar activities. Now this restriction will be removed.

On what services individual entrepreneurs it will not be possible to spend maternity capital funds?

It will be possible to direct funds from the capital to pay for pre-school education services provided by individual entrepreneurs only if the IP has a license for educational activities.

Choosing a private kindergarten for a child that parents plan to pay with the help of the mother capital, it is worth asking the administration of the institution in advance about the availability of such a license.

Are there requirements for the form of the mother capital to pay for educational services?

No. Both paper and electronic certificates are suitable for paying for educational services. Both forms have the same legal force.

From April 2020, the certificate is issued without application. Parents receive it in personal account on public services portal on average 15 days after registration of the child's birth. If the certificate was not issued in without application, it can be requested through the public services portal.

You can pay for the education of any child in the family with the funds of mother capital. To send funds to & nbsp; pay for preschool education, it is not necessary to wait until the children are three years old — the funds can be disposed of immediately after the birth of the child.

How and when will it be possible to direct funds from the mother's capital to a private kindergarten?

The law is still awaiting signing by President Vladimir Putin, so the timing of the start of the new rules is not yet known.

Today, you can apply for the disposal of mother capital funds for the education of children in electronic form through the public services portal or your personal account on the PFR website. The application can also be submitted through the MFC or FIU offices.

How will the process of channeling mother capital funds to   IP services be controlled?

other organizational and legal forms.

Work to stop the illegal use of materiel funds is carried out by employees of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. They carefully study all the sets of documents provided by the Russians for the disposal of funds and may conduct additional checks.






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