What changes will occur in the exam in 2023?

Next year, changes will be made to the materials for passing the exam. Rosobrnadzor announced this on its website.

Changes are being made so that graduates are able to analyze information, better argue their answers, and also solve practical problems. The tasks were formed taking into account the results of the USE in 2022.

List of changes in the USE in all subjects

Russian language

In the USE in For the Russian language, restrictions on the maximum number of words in an essay were removed, the orthoepic dictionary and the dictionary of paronyms were updated, on the basis of which tasks are compiled. In some tasks, the wording and the system of answers have been changed. Also, tasks 3, 21 and 26 of the first part became tasks of an increased level of complexity.


(basic and profile levels)

The USE tasks in basic and profile mathematics were regrouped and combined into blocks. In the base, first there are tasks that allow you to demonstrate the ability to apply the knowledge gained from various sections of mathematics in solving practical problems, and then tasks in geometry and algebra. 

In profile — assignments in geometry, followed by a block of assignments on elements of combinatorics, statistics and probability theory, and then there are assignments in algebra (including equations and inequalities, functions and principles of analysis).


In the USE in physics, in addition to tasks on the application of Newton's laws and tasks on the application of conservation laws in mechanics, tasks on statics have been added to the second part. In the first part, the location of tasks was changed. The tasks that were located on lines 1 and 2 in 2022 were moved to lines 20 and 21, respectively.


In task 23, the type of presentation of the material was changed: instead of a table, the conditions of the problem will be presented in the form of text. Tasks 9, 12, and 16 are now considered advanced tasks.


In the USE in Biology, one new task was added to the first part, but task 24 (analysis of biological information) was excluded from the second part. Also tasks are regrouped into modules. Tasks with a short answer will be presented in the tasks of the block “Cell and organism” — biological systems» (tasks 5 & ndash; 8). The maximum primary score for completing the exam paper has been reduced from 59 to 58.


The number of tasks has increased from 19 to 21, and the turnaround time has increased from 180 to 210 minutes. The work includes a task to test knowledge of the facts of the history of the Great Patriotic War (task 8), as well as a task to test the ability to compare historical events, processes, phenomena (task 20). At least 20% of the assignments will include facts about the history of the Great Patriotic War. The maximum primary score has been increased from 38 to 42.

Social Science

In the USE, the maximum score for the third task was reduced from 2 to 1 points. The wording of tasks 18 and 25 was also changed. The maximum primary score was changed from 57 to 58 points.


Information on how many correct answers are needed was removed from task 9 Mark. Previously, in the task, it was required to choose three correct answers from five offered.

Foreign languages

In the USE, two tasks were removed from Section 3 “Grammar and Vocabulary”. They also reduced the maximum score in tasks 1, 2, 10 and 11. In a number of tasks, the wording for some tasks was clarified. The maximum primary score for completing the exam paper has been reduced from 100 to 86 points.


In the Unified State Examination, changes were made to sections 3 (“Grammar, vocabulary and hieroglyphics”) and 5 (“Speaking”). Section 3 (“Grammar, vocabulary and hieroglyphics”) suggests:

  • in task 17, fill in the gap in the sentence with a suitable lexical unit;
  • in task 23, fill in the gap in sentence with a suitable resulting morpheme;
  • in task 26, determine which sequence of fragments of the sentence is correct from the point of view of grammar;
  • in tasks 15, 16, 17, 18, 22, 23 choose the correct answer from the four suggested answers.

In section 5 (Speaking), the requirements for the volume of the answer in task 2 have been increased (from 8-9 to 10-12 phrases).


There are no changes in USE in geography.


In the USE in computer science, task 6 has been changed: now it will be on the topic of algorithms. Task 22 in 2023 will be completed using a file with the data necessary to solve it.




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