We grow hospitals. Modernization of polyclinics and FAPs is underway in the country

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By mid-February, the national project "Healthcare" activities envisaged by regional programs for the modernization of primary health care will be included.

Feldsher-obstetric stations and outpatient clinics are being built in the regions of the country, new modern equipment and new vehicles are being supplied. Medical care becomes more accessible thanks to the national project “Health” and the departmental target program “Modernization of primary health care in the Russian Federation”. Since the beginning of the implementation of the national project “Healthcare” over 1200 mobile complexes were purchased. More than 1,750 feldsher-obstetric stations have been opened, in which more than two million visits have already been made.

In the village of Sidorovka, Sergievsky District, Samara Region, a major overhaul of the office of a general practitioner, where 1,400 residents receive assistance, has been completed. The renovation made it possible to create the most comfortable conditions for receiving patients. Interior finishing work was completed in the building, the heating system was replaced, an additional vestibule was installed at the entrance to the office. The entrance group has been improved in accordance with the principles of a barrier-free environment. doctor Evgenia Tanisheva is in charge of patients in the renovated office. Her work experience in healthcare — For over 30 years, for for 14 of which Evgenia Vasilievna has been helping the residents of the Sergievsky district. "I work in Sidorovka for more than seven years — said the doctor Evgenia Tanisheva. — After the repair, the room was completely transformed, it became more comfortable in  We received a modern electrocardiograph, in the near future we are expecting the delivery of other medical equipment and furniture.

The Uvarov Central District Hospital in the Tambov Region received an ambulance equipped with all the necessary equipment to provide emergency medical care to both adults and children. Last year, the Uvarov hospital also received Niva ambulances. and "Largus". These cars are used to handle calls and provide emergency medical care, deliver medicines to patients receiving treatment for a new coronavirus infection at home, and transport biological materials for research. In the first half of this year, it is planned to receive three more light ambulances. At the moment, there are 25 cars in                 — ambulances.

The intensive care unit has been overhauled at the Kushchevskaya Central District Hospital of the Krasnodar Territory. The bed capacity is up to & nbsp; 10 & nbsp; places, ventilation was overhauled, and an oxygen system was installed. The wards were equipped with modern equipment, including ventilators, monitoring equipment, and infusion pumps. Also, the department created all the conditions for on-site hemodialysis. This is especially important for non-transportable patients requiring renal replacement therapy.

After a major overhaul, a children's department and a children's consultation were opened in the village of Abatskoye, Tyumen Region. The building was replaced with engineering networks, ventilation, electricity and water supply systems. The adjacent territory is equipped, a playground has been erected. Little patients are waiting for the bright rooms of the polyclinic and the spacious four-bed wards of the hospital. For the first time in 40 years of the hospital's existence, the building underwent a large-scale renovation, which was another important step in the development of the district's healthcare. In the health care of the district, the material base is improved every year, new modern facilities and medical equipment appear. So, last year, a new feldsher-obstetric station was opened in the village of Boldyrevo.

Construction and modernization of feldsher-obstetric stations — one of the important directions of the federal project “Development of Primary Health Care”, which is being implemented within the framework of the “Health” national project. Its goal is to provide high-quality, timely and equitable medical care to all residents of the country. From  2021 on the territory of the Russian Federation, the departmental target program “Modernization of primary health care in the Russian Federation” has been implemented. within the framework of which, activities will be implemented in regions to modernize primary health care, designed to provide affordable medical care for the population, including residents of small settlements and remote, hard-to-reach corners of the Russian Federation.

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