Virgin Galactic launches suborbital ticket sales

The American company Virgin Galactic from February 16 will start selling tickets for suborbital flights. This was reported on the company's website.

The company expects that about a thousand people will purchase tickets by the start of flights. The cost of one ticket is $450,000, while the future space tourist must pay $150,000 immediately as a deposit, the rest of the amount will need to be paid before the flight. of the year. The company notes that this is due to the need to modernize the Eve carrier aircraft and commission the second Imagine spacecraft. It is planned that in 2023 the existing aircraft Unity and Imagine will make three tourist flights per month.

Recall that the first flight of the Unity spacecraft took place in July last year. The spacecraft went into suborbital space and reached the boundary between the earth's atmosphere and space, after which it returned to Earth. On board were billionaire Richard Branson, three astronauts and two test pilots.


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