Version of Russia’s unexpected response to US sanctions published

Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo:

Russia may unexpectedly and asymmetrically respond to the United States on one of the toughest sanctions against Moscow being developed in Congress. Experts expect that Russian President Vladimir Putin will touch upon this topic in his Address to the Federal Assembly.

According to the Nezygar telegram channel, judging by the requested materials for the preparation of the Address, it can be assumed that “the collective The United States will send signals about an unexpected asymmetric response to possible sanctions.

Thus, among the possible answers is the introduction of a ban on the import of household appliances from the United States to Russia, including food processors and refrigerators. Thus, Russia will get ahead of the US intention to impose such sanctions. The volumes of these deliveries from the US to Russia are small, so the economic damage will be negligible, and the political effect will be impressive.

Also, Russia may impose a ban on the purchase of vehicles, machinery and equipment in the US. The volume of such transactions is about $4 billion per year (according to 2020 data). Russia can easily find analogues of these products on the world market.

And, finally, Russia can limit or completely ban the supply of its petroleum products to the United States. This could be painful for the US, the publication notes. Now Russia, according to experts, is in second place in the supply of hydrocarbons to the United States and the volume of transactions is about 12 billion dollars. In this case, some oil refineries in the United States may stop, crisis phenomena will begin in farms, which will begin to put pressure on politics.

Note that there is no official confirmation of this version of Russia's response to possible US sanctions.


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