US revealed Russia’s plan to seize Ukraine: secret video

Lavrov is tired of refuting

State Department spokesman Ned Price said at a press briefing that the Russian intelligence services are planning to film a video staging a Ukrainian military attack on Russian territory. This will be the rationale for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called these statements “crazy”. Why? Not a bad script, modern.

Photo: AP

A fascinating dialogue between Ned Price and journalist Matt Lee took place at the briefing. Fascinating and revealing.

Lee: Do you have any proof?

Price: If you doubt the accuracy of the data of the US government, the British government, other governments and want to find solace in the information that the Russians spread, then the flag is in your hands.

Lee: Comfort?! I'm not asking what information the Russian government is spreading. What does this even mean? I've been in the profession long enough to remember both the claims of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the assurances that Kabul would not fall. I remember a lot. Where is the declassified information, besides what you come out here and say?

Price: I'm sorry you don't like the content. I'm sorry that you question the information that the US government has. The information is being made public to contain Russia. If none of what the United States warns about happens, this does not mean that the information is not true. If the Russians don't give this move, it's not a sign that they didn't have such plans.

Lee: Then it's unprovable! Oh my God! What evidence do you have that the Russians are planning this at all? I'm not saying it isn't. But you just go out and say it and expect us to believe it without seeing a hint of evidence.

Price: The source of this is intelligence we have declassified. Of course, I will not disclose what exactly is at our disposal.

Familiar, right? “We have such devices, but we will not tell you about them…” US citizen Matt Lee is invited to take his government's word for it, and not the information of a geopolitical enemy. And most US citizens believe theirs, not strangers. Just like ours. It is also proposed to take the word of your government – and most of the citizens of Russia believe.

This was also the case during the First Cold War. Here, bears with balalaikas walked the streets and the KGB shot non-party people for looking sideways at the portrait of Ilyich, and here, it means that Negroes were lynched and shot, respectively, demonstrations of workers demanding their labor penny. By the way, when I saw the Gaza Strip and the West Bank of the Jordan River (in my pioneer childhood it seemed like something huge, scary and significant), I laughed for a long time.

This is happening now. We respond to Europe's concern about the accumulation of our troops: our territory, where we want, we put troops there, you don't have to worry, we have peaceful intentions.

But now the People's Militia of the self-proclaimed LPR declares that the preparation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for an offensive in the Donbass has entered the final phase, and most of the weapons received from the United States and Britain have been delivered to military positions near the line of contact. Ukraine, however, can declare that this is its territory and it wherever it wants, it puts troops there, no need to worry, does it have peaceful intentions? Believe? No. We don't trust them, they don't trust us.

And, oddly enough, the rapid development of information technology, the openness of the information space, not only do not allow a person to understand what is really happening, to see the very truth, but only bury it even deeper. New technologies have taken the Cold War to a new level.

The move on both sides is no longer just false accusations, but false accusations of creating fakes for the sake of false accusations. And no one remembers anymore, because of what it all started (and, by the way, because of what, huh?) The essence has already been washed away and dissolved by the waves of the ocean of lies. The winner is the one who has a more powerful technological base and more creative PR people. From the other side, the picture is formed more beautifully than from ours – nothing can be done.

The trouble is that our politicians – the old generation of facts – are trying to negotiate with the new generation, the “highly like” generation. It is pointless and unpromising, and therefore very tiring. You see, even the iron Lavrov began to get tired. Then he will call the head of NATO “lost touch with reality”, now he called the plan of the Russian special services, well thought up by American intelligence, “crazy”.


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