Ukrainian authorities announced the arrest of assets related to Russia for $ 200 million

The Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine reported that the assets of three Russian enterprises that were engaged in renting real estate, growing crops and casting iron were arrested in the Kirovograd region. /media/img/7/92/756574132710927.jpg” alt=”Ukrainian authorities announced the arrest of assets related to Russia for $ 200 million” />

In the Kirovohrad region of Ukraine, the court arrested the assets of three Russian-related enterprises worth more than 5.9 billion hryvnias (about $200 million), the Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office reports on Telegram.

The agency did not specify which companies in question. According to the National Police of Ukraine, their activities are related to the provision of real estate for rent, the cultivation of crops and the casting of iron.

The prosecutors stated that the founders and owners of the enterprises— four Russian citizens who were engaged in “illegal operations for the legalization of proceeds from crime.”

In Ukraine, a criminal case was opened under Part 2 of Article 209 of the Criminal Code (legalization (laundering ) property obtained by criminal means).

In addition, the National Police reported that the assets of Russian and Belarusian enterprises, the market value of which is about UAH 80 million ($2.7 million), have been arrested in the country. We are talking about 111 railway cars.

On July 8, the Security Service of Ukraine announced the arrest of the assets of Gazprom, Rosneft located inside the country. and “Rosatom” worth UAH 2.1 billion (over $71 million). RBC source in Rosatom reported that a few months ago, the accounts of the “daughter” were arrested; in Kyiv, and in the country there is no other property of the company. “Rosneft” at the end of May, she said that there are no assets belonging to her on the territory of Ukraine “at the moment”.

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In May, the country's authorities passed a law that provides for the forced nationalization of Russian property in Ukraine without paying any compensation. In addition to Russian citizens, it will also affect individuals and companies “closely associated with Russia.”

The Kremlin called the seizure of Russian assets theft. President Vladimir Putin in March called the seizure of foreign assets and accounts of Russian companies and individuals a lesson for business, as “there is nothing more reliable than investing in your own country.” He later stated that “stealing other people's assets” does not lead to anything good and only brings problems to those who do it.

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