Ukraine banned a film with Zelensky as Napoleon

It turned out that “Rzhevsky against Napoleon” has been banned in Ukraine since 2015. When Zelensky became president, the ban was removed from the TV series Matchmakers and Fyodor Dobronravov. But Zelensky was never allowed to play the role of Napoleon

The film Rzhevsky vs. Napoleon, in which the current President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky played one of the main roles, has been banned from distribution in Ukraine. This is reported by “ Ukrainian News '' with reference to the response of the State Film Agency.

“ Goskino did not issue a distribution certificate for the film 'Rzhevsky against Napoleon'; (Russia, 2011, directed by M. Weisberg) not a single distributor company since October 2015 & raquo;, & mdash; quotes the publication of the agency's response.

The film was banned after the Russian artist Yuri Galtsev was included in the list of persons who threaten the national security of Ukraine. He played a cameo role in this film and in October 2015 came under Ukrainian sanctions.

“ Rzhevsky against Napoleon '' & mdash; Russian-Ukrainian comedy, released in 2012. Zelensky not only played the main role in it, but also produced the film along with his companions in Kvartal-95. Sergey and Boris Shefira and Andrey Yakovlev, as well as Russian director and producer Sergey Livnev.

In 2017, long before the 2019 presidential elections, Zelensky strongly opposed the ban on the TV series Matchmakers. Then one of the main performers, the Russian actor Fyodor Dobronravov, was banned by the SBU from entering the territory of Ukraine, and the series was banned from being shown.

“ If you are the Security Service of Ukraine '' take care of the safety of Ukraine, so that you can walk on the street, so that the children are not afraid. And from “ Matchmakers '' until no man hanged himself '', & mdash; Zelensky said at the time.

A month after Zelensky's inauguration as president of Ukraine, the SBU lifted the ban on Dobronravov's entry into the country, and the authorities also lifted the ban on showing “ Matchmakers ''. After the ban on entry was lifted, Dobronravov toured Crimea several times, the newspaper notes. This is usually one of the main motives for blacklisting Russian artists and banning their performances in Ukraine.

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