Truss expressed her desire to adopt the experience of teaching mathematics in Russia

British Foreign Minister Truss announced her desire to adopt the experience of teaching mathematics in Russia alt=”Truss has expressed a desire to adopt the experience of teaching mathematics in Russia” />

Liz Truss and Viktor Sadovnichy (right)

The UK could adopt the Russian experience of teaching mathematics in schools and universities, said Foreign Minister Liz Truss during a meeting with the Rector of Moscow State University Viktor Sadovnichy in Moscow.

“I'm interested in how the teaching methodology is built, what we could borrow and how this model will differ from traditional education in the UK”,— she said (quote from TASS).

Truss called the results of Moscow State University in mathematics impressive. The minister became interested in the teaching system at the university and school named after A.N. Kolmogorov at Moscow State University.

The mathematician and rector of Moscow State University Sadovnichiy gave Trass a tour of the Fundamental Library of Moscow State University and presented her with his book “Functional Analysis”.

Trass arrived in Moscow on February 10. This is the first visit by a British Foreign Secretary to Russia in four years. The minister will discuss with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov the de-escalation of the situation around Ukraine. The British Foreign Office reported that she would call on the Russian authorities to abandon the “aggression” against Ukraine.

The Kremlin has repeatedly denied plans to invade Ukraine, accusing Western countries of spreading fakes and fueling the conflict. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also asked the Western media not to sow panic in the country.

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