Trump called one of the reasons for the situation around Ukraine

Trump: the crisis with Ukraine began because Europe under Biden began to “use” the United States reasons for the crisis around Ukraine

Former US President Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump said he demanded that the country's NATO allies “pay their share” for protecting their borders, but under Joe Biden, other countries decided that they could not do this— this, in his opinion, was one of the causes of the crisis in Ukraine. The Republican's speech to supporters in Conroe, Texas was broadcast by C-SPAN.

“I made it clear that if Europe is worried about its borders, it will have to pay,”— Trump emphasized. After Biden came to power, other states decided that now they do not need to “pay their bills, do their jobs and risk their lives”: instead of them, “stupid Americans” can do it, the former head of state explained

“One of the reasons why we see this dangerous situation in Ukraine is that as soon as Biden came [to power], other countries decided that the good old days had come when they could use the United States,” — Trump thinks.

The 45th President of the United States accused his successor of incompetence, which, in his opinion, could lead to a third world war. Trump also believes that the American authorities should first of all protect the borders not of Ukraine, but of the United States— from migrants “who shouldn't be allowed” get into the country.

This is not the first time Trump has criticized Biden's policies. In mid-January, he said that if he still held the presidency of the United States, then Russia would not dare to show “aggression”; towards Ukraine. According to him, Russian President Vladimir Putin is not worried about Biden, because he saw a “miserable flight” USA from Afghanistan. The former American leader believes that the aggravation between Moscow and Kiev would not have happened under his administration.

Tensions around Ukraine began to increase last fall, when the media, and then the leaders of Western states, began to express fears about a possible Russian invasion to a neighboring country. Moscow has repeatedly denied that it has aggressive plans for Kiev. Despite this, the Western countries threatened Russia with sanctions, announced the provision of military assistance to Ukraine and the buildup of forces in Eastern Europe.

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