There are more antibodies. How is plasma donated for patients with coronavirus?

Blood plasma, which is shared by & nbsp; recovered from covid or vaccinated, helps & nbsp; save seriously ill Muscovites. Over a year and a half, 30 thousand people have become donors in the capital. AiF met with Andrey Yesin , who has been donating plasma for five years. & nbsp; This & nbsp; year & nbsp; he did it 11 times. & nbsp;

I don't feel weak

Andrey is 38 years old, he is married, has two sons, works in a consulting company. & Nbsp; From hobbies & mdash; & nbsp; family walks, going to the cinema, & nbsp; fitness, boxing, Andrey is a football fan, & nbsp; and & nbsp; sometimes & nbsp; goes out on the field to drive the ball & nbsp; himself. & nbsp; The topic of donation entered his life several years ago. He wanted to be useful to other people, and donating blood perfectly met this spiritual need. However, having visited the doctor, the young man learned that & nbsp; is a carrier of & nbsp; a rare antigen, & nbsp; and & nbsp; become & nbsp; donor & nbsp; whole & nbsp; blood & nbsp; he & nbsp; will not & nbsp; succeed. Then he first heard about donation options: you can donate not & nbsp; whole & nbsp; blood, but its components & mdash; & nbsp; plasma and platelets. & Nbsp;

Since then, Andrei has been to the donor center several times. We asked him to tell & nbsp; about how the procedure goes and what feelings a person experiences. & Nbsp; As it turned out, you should come prepared. Firstly, to have a good sleep and in good health. & Nbsp; Secondly, a couple of days before the donation & nbsp; it is important to follow the recommended diet: give up alcohol, sugary carbonated drinks with dyes, fatty and fried foods, you need to choose fruits, vegetables, cereals, boiled meat and chicken. & nbsp; Plasma & nbsp; donate & nbsp; not & nbsp; on an empty stomach. & nbsp; On the day of & nbsp; plasma donation & nbsp; irreplaceable light breakfast of tea, biscuits, white bread & nbsp; bread with jam, etc.

It is more convenient for Andrey to visit the & nbsp; Blood Center. Gavrilov at the Begovaya. In general, the procurement of donor plasma with antibodies to & nbsp; COVID-19 & nbsp; is conducted in & nbsp; Moscow by six more & nbsp; stationary points: & nbsp; in the N.V. Sklifosovsky, City Clinical Hospital No. 52, & nbsp; No. 67 named after Vorokhobov, & nbsp; hospital & nbsp; them. Konchalovsky, GKB im. Eramishantsev and & nbsp; in & nbsp; opened in mid-September & nbsp; point & nbsp; on Shabolovka. & Nbsp; In any of these & nbsp; medical institutions & nbsp; the donor first takes a blood test from the finger. about nutrition, adherence to the regime, & nbsp; measures pressure, temperature, listens to the lungs, looks at the throat. & nbsp; “ Next, you go & nbsp; to the office where blood is taken, & mdash; & nbsp; says Andrey Esin. & nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; & nbsp; ; You lie down in a & nbsp; comfortable & nbsp; chair, & nbsp; the legs of the person lying in it are & nbsp; slightly raised. & Nbsp; Then you are injected with a needle into a vein and begin to draw blood. Blood donation is stopped after about five minutes. From the amount that I managed to pass, & nbsp; a special & nbsp; apparatus separates & nbsp; plasma, & nbsp; after which saline is added to the remaining blood and returned to my body. & Nbsp; This is done three times for & nbsp; 30 minutes. I find this procedure quite gentle, because the composition of the blood changes, but the volume of the fluid remains the same. Most likely, therefore, the delivery of & nbsp; plasma does not in any way affect the schedule of my further day: I work, take the children to circles, do my usual things, & nbsp; only & nbsp; refuse, on the recommendation of a doctor, & nbsp; from going to the gym. I feel good, there is no weakness, much less fainting. '' & Nbsp;

Doesn't & nbsp; not hurt, not for long

In December 2020, Andrei and his wife and children fell ill with coronavirus. & Nbsp; The head of the family got rid of the infection pretty well: viral pneumonia, damage to 30% of the lungs. When the disease subsided, tests showed a high amount of antibodies. Having learned & nbsp; from the media, & nbsp; that the donor plasma doctors discovered the ability to treat patients & nbsp; COVID-19, Andrey Esin returned to the donor center. “ I was sure that & nbsp; with & nbsp; donation & nbsp; my number of & nbsp; antibodies would drop, but this did not happen. & nbsp; Moreover, & nbsp; it even & nbsp; grew a little & nbsp ;, & nbsp; & nbsp; he recalls. & nbsp; & laquo; nbsp; & laquo; ; The Muscovite has passed plasma, as Andrei calls it, 11 times since the beginning of the year. The intervals between donating plasma were sometimes only two weeks: unlike blood donation, the body recovers faster after this procedure.

Recently, doctors advised the adult Yesins to get vaccinated, which they did during the non-working week announced by the mayor. “ A month after the second vaccination, I will be allowed to donate plasma again, & mdash; & nbsp; the donor shares his plans. & mdash; & nbsp; I want to recommend everyone who has a high level of antibodies to be donors. Don't worry: it doesn't hurt, it doesn't last long. But the main thing is & mdash; & nbsp; you and I can save someone's life. '' & Nbsp;

Plasma donors can be citizens of 18 & ndash; 55 years old with a weight over 50 kg, without contraindications to blood donation. ru/plazma. & nbsp; Gratuitous donation is taken into account when obtaining the status of “ Honorary Donor of Moscow '' or 'Honorary Donor of Russia'. In the case of a paid plasma supply, a stimulating payment of 10 thousand & nbsp; rubles is paid. Those wishing to become donors can contact the hotline by phone +7 495 870-45-16 daily from 09:00 to 19:00.


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