The West is discussing the lifting of sanctions against Russian businessmen in exchange for assistance to Ukraine: Aven and Fridman have already burned themselves on this

According to the West, Russian businessmen can “pay off” sanctions.

In the West, it was proposed to provide Russian businessmen with the opportunity to “pay off” from the sanctions imposed against them.

This will become possible if business representatives direct their financial assistance to the restoration of Ukraine.

According to the Associated Press, the initiative was initiated by Canadian Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland.

He voiced his opinion at the G7 meeting.

She said that she discussed this initiative with & #8220;Russian oligarchs”, whom she met when she was working at the Moscow bureau of the Financial Times.

Ukraine was informed of such proposals.

It is emphasized that the speech It's just about possibilities. No decisions have been made on this matter.

The West is interested in going in this direction, since it is very difficult to confiscate the frozen assets of Russian oligarchs who have fallen under sanctions.

The sources of the publication note that if businessmen give up part of their property in other countries, this will simplify the task for the West and help Ukraine financially.

Recall that among those who fell under Western sanctions were Russian businessmen Petr Aven and Mikhail Fridman.

Brussel imposed restrictive measures against them in response to the SVO Russia in Ukraine.

According to European officials, Aven “benefited from his connections in power”, and Fridman “established strong ties with the administration of Vladimir Putin”.

The day before it was reported that that the British authorities did not begin to lift sanctions against Aven and Friedman, despite the fact that they promised this after the businessmen transferred 150 million euros to Ukraine.

Thus, Aven and Friedman were recommended to donate money to Ukraine, which would help remove restrictions.

Specially for charity, the funds of philanthropists were unfrozen, but after the transfer of a huge amount for refugees, the funds were frozen again.

Moreover, a criminal case was opened against Aven, and his collection of art objects was arrested.

In addition, businessmen were denied a one-time trip to the continent from the UK, threatening with imprisonment.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that the UK had introduced restrictive measures against Alina Kabaeva.

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Also The gymnast's grandmother was on the list.


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