The United States appreciated the weapons transferred by Poland to Ukraine

Warsaw supplied Kiev with MANPADS

Man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS) “Thunder”, which the Polish authorities transferred to Ukraine, would be very useful for Kiev. The Drive writes about this, the authors of which evaluated the weapons supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).

Photo: /MinistryofDefence.UA

The publication notes that Russia, allegedly in the event of a possible “invasion”, will use helicopters and attack aircraft, against which MANPADS are especially effective.

In Moscow, we recall, they have repeatedly denied plans for an “invasion to Ukraine, noting that the West is deliberately escalating the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border.

“MANPADS can threaten all types of aircraft, from fighters to helicopters, especially those that do not have reliable infrared countermeasure systems,” – The article says.

At the same time, the authors note that it is unclear exactly what modifications of the Thunder will Ukraine receive and how effective they are s against modern Russian aircraft, including drones.

The publication also drew attention to the fact that the “Grom” is similar to the Igla MANPADS already in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This, according to the authors, reduces the time for training Ukrainian military personnel.


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