The United States announced a threat due to Russian tests of anti-satellite weapons

Last weekend, Russia fired a ground-based missile at a target in orbit, according to CNN, creating a threat of debris spilling into space. On the morning of November 15, the ISS twice missed space debris

Ned Price

Russia conducted tests of anti-satellite weapons, which created a threat to the International Space Station (ISS). This statement was made at a briefing by State Department spokesman Ned Price.

“Russia recklessly conducted a destructive anti-satellite weapon test against one of its satellites,” “mdash” he said.

According to him, as a result of the tests, more than 1.5 thousand debris and hundreds of thousands of fragments of smaller space debris appeared, which “ threatens the interests of all countries. ''

Price stressed that weapon tests significantly increased the danger to astronauts and cosmonauts who are on the ISS.

A few hours earlier, CNN, citing two US officials, reported that Russia had conducted large-scale tests of anti-satellite weapons over the weekend. According to one of the interlocutors, this could create a “ potentially dangerous field of debris '' in space. The channel's interlocutor said that Russia launched a ground-based rocket at a target in orbit.

US Space Command confirmed that a rare and potentially hazardous 'debris event' had occurred, but did not provide details or mention Russia. “ We are working with inter-agency organizations, including the Department of State and NASA, on this data and will provide updates in the near future, '' & mdash; reported in the command. They noted that now experts are trying to establish the identity and properties of these debris so that all space powers have the information that is necessary to maneuver satellites in a possible collision.

On the morning of November 15, the ISS twice successfully missed space debris, the station and the crew were unharmed. For safety reasons, the cosmonauts and astronauts at the station took refuge in the Soyuz MS-19 spacecraft. and Crew Dragon. NASA said the risk of collision with space debris was “ very small. '' “ The orbit of the object, due to which the crew was forced today, according to standard procedures, to transfer to spaceships, has moved away from the ISS orbit, the station is in the green zone, '' & mdash; spoke at Roscosmos.

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