The State Duma postponed consideration of the project on contract service for school graduates

The State Duma will not soon consider a bill that allows citizens who have received secondary general education to enter into a contract for military service in the Russian Armed Forces and the National Guard, TASS reports, citing Andrey, head of the State Duma Defense Committee Kartapolova.

Now a contract with the Russian Armed Forces can be concluded by military personnel who are serving on conscription and have a higher education, as well as military personnel who have been serving on conscription for at least 3 months. In addition, the contract can be concluded by non-reserved citizens with a secondary vocational education who enter the military service. Citizens with higher education can also become contract servicemen.

On June 28, the State Duma Committee on Defense proposed considering an amendment to the law “On military duty and military service” in the second reading.

Earlier it was reported that in Russia military pensions can be indexed by 10%. The corresponding initiative was also submitted to the consideration of the State Duma by the Defense Committee.

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