The Russian Ambassador promised the work of diplomatic missions in the United States “until the last diplomat”

Russian Ambassador Antonov: 28 more Russian diplomats will be forced to leave the US by June 30 At the same time, he stated that the embassy and consulates will work “until the last diplomat” .jpg” alt=”The Russian Ambassador promised the work of diplomatic missions in the United States “until the last diplomat”” />

Russian consulates and embassies will work in the United States “until the last diplomat”, despite the fact that some of their employees are sent to Russia by decision of Washington, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said on the air of the Soloviev Live program.

“I want to say this without pathos, to say clearly and clearly: we will work here to the last diplomat and do everything to defend national interests, while trying to normalize Russian-American relations,” — he said. Antonov added that everyone loses from the poor state of Russian-American relations.

He recalled that by June 30 another 28 Russian diplomats would be forced to leave the United States. “The period has just ended when 27 Russian diplomats were expelled from the United States. They were told, “You are advised or ordered to leave the United States of America. When we asked what would happen to our diplomats if we did not leave, we were told: “We will arrest you the next day in the city and send you to the appropriate institution.” Is this not the expulsion of Russian diplomats?»,— the ambassador explained.

He added that the Russian consulates general in New York and Houston were “bloodless”; due to lack of staff.

At the end of October, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the United States had demanded the departure of 55 more Russian diplomats and administrative and technical staff of diplomatic missions. According to her, Washington provides journalists with incorrect information that there are “four times more” Russian diplomats in the United States than American ones. in Russia.

“If we compare embassies and consular offices, the picture is completely different. The Americans now have about 130 people working in Russia, while our mission in Washington and the two consulates general in New York and Houston— less than 200,— she explained. Zakharova also clarified that, according to Washington's decision, employees who have been on a business trip for more than three years should leave. end of January and end of June.

The State Department refused to consider the departure of 55 diplomats an expulsion or a punitive measure. They said that the decision was made to “ensure parity”; between the diplomatic missions of the two countries.

Russia has stated that if the United States does not compromise on the issue of sending home diplomats and administrative and technical personnel, then Moscow will take retaliatory measures.

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