The “quest” of the British and Belarusian detained at Baikonur is described

They followed in the footsteps of other bloggers

The head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, announced the detention of British blogger Rich Benjamin at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, along with Belarusian citizen Alina Zelupa. They were detained near site 112. This is not the first time that lovers of adrenaline have been detained in Baikonur.

Baikonur Photo: Sergey Ivanov

Sometimes such bloggers are caught and handed over to the FSB. More often not. And then they post videos on social networks and collect millions of views.

Most often, foreigners and ours come across on site 112, where the Soviet space shuttle Buran stands. In the past famous, now almost destroyed. Taking a picture in his blogging booth is a special prowess. The curious are drawn there, as if they were smeared with honey.

As they wrote in social networks, in May 2017, a group of roofers (lovers of the roofs of various exotic buildings) from Russia, Ukraine and the UK made their way into an abandoned hangar with Buran , this visit was also not agreed with the leadership of Baikonur, and when the people were caught, then, according to our information, they were handed over to the security forces.

Apparently, the two bloggers now detained reached Kyzylorda, from Kyzylorda to Dermentyube, and from there walked about 40 km to the cosmodrome. We covered this distance in 8-9 hours. Why the Englishman needed a Belarusian is not very clear. At first they thought that she was his translator, but no, he quite communicates in our language. Maybe just to not be sad alone.

There are those who managed to overcome this quest. They are happy to post videos about their adventures online.

“The helicopter is patrolling the area. We’ll have to close the yellow garbage (reflective insert – Auth.) on the backpack so that we don’t get burned,” Ilya Bondarev shares the details, characterizing his activities as “the spirit of vagrancy and crazy adventures.”

To say that stalkers they do not understand that their presence in Baikonur is illegal, it is impossible – they all understand, not small ones. Although the main route passes through Kazakhstani territory, this is not prohibited. Formally, this is just an empty and bare steppe.

They usually take a compass with them on the road, as gadgets can be discharged, but you need to determine the direction of movement. “It’s not very hard to believe that we can walk – there is only one steppe around and so 30 kilometers, and on top there are two dark spots, that’s us.”

On the way there is an abandoned stone shed for shepherds, where you can take a break – travelers are waiting there a stove and a mattress left by those who came before them.

The previous violators were seen from afar at the MZK (installation and filling complex), and they were detained there.


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