The Ministry of Defense named the reason why the troops were withdrawn from Snake Island

The Russian military left Zmeiny Island in the Black Sea “as a step of goodwill” to demonstrate to the world community that there are no obstacles to the export of grain from Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense reported in Telegram.

The withdrawal of the military was completed on June 30.


“Thus, the world community has demonstrated that the Russian Federation does not interfere with the efforts of the UN to organize a humanitarian corridor for the export of agricultural products from the territory of Ukraine” ;,— the message says.

Also, the Ministry of Defense believes that this step will make it impossible for Kyiv to speculate on the topic of an impending food crisis, since after that they will not be able to refer to the fact that Russia totally controls the northwestern part of the Black Sea. “Now the word is up to the Ukrainian side, which still has not cleared the Black Sea coast near its shores, including port waters,” — according to the message of the Ministry of Defense.

After the start of the special operation by Russia, Ukrainian ships stopped leaving Ukrainian ports. Kyiv accused Moscow of blocking them, and also called on the international community to take part in resolving the situation.

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Russia has repeatedly stated that it does not interfere with exports by sea, and that for the safe exit of ships, the Ukrainian side must clear its ports. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the situation with the export of Ukrainian grain is artificially inflated, Moscow is ready to ensure the free passage of ships with grain into international waters. “Unless, of course, the Ukrainian military clear mine ports of shipment and nearby waters,” — said the president.

Moscow also linked the growing food crisis in the world with the sanctions imposed by Western countries against Russia.

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