The Liberal Democratic Party reported that Zhirinovsky feels fine

LDPR: Zhirinovsky feels fine and continues to work after hospitalization “The LDPR reported that Zhirinovsky feels fine” />

Vladimir Zhirinovsky

The head of the LDPR, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who was hospitalized, feels fine, RBC was told in the press service of the party.

"He feels fine and continues to work. This is what we stated yesterday, — said in it.

The hospitalization of 75-year-old Zhirinovsky became known the day before. RBC's source in the Liberal Democratic Party said that the politician was hospitalized in the Central Clinical Hospital. Other interlocutors specified that Zhirinovsky was in critical condition, he was connected to a ventilator.

Later, the Ministry of Health reported that the politician had been in the hospital since February 2, he was diagnosed with a variant of the coronavirus ” ;omicron». Zhirinovsky's condition is stable, the ministry's press service added.

According to Kommersant's sources, Zhirinovsky was diagnosed with coronavirus two weeks ago. He developed pneumonia, and the doctors recommended that he go to the hospital. The head of the Liberal Democratic Party agreed to hospitalization on the condition that he could work. He was allowed to use working documents and meet with assistants through a protective partition, the interlocutors of the publication said.

At the same time, Zhirinovsky asked doctors and associates not to talk about his illness. Members of the party thought that he switched to a remote mode of work so as not to get infected with “omicron”, wrote “Kommersant”.

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