The Foreign Ministry called Ukraine a place of experiments for Western countries

Maria Zakharova: Western countries perceive Ukraine as a “ground for experiments” According to Zakharova, Western countries need a reason to support sanctions against Russia, but there are no facts that prove Moscow's aggression. In this regard, they perceive Ukraine “as an instrument of influence in the region”

Maria Zakharova

Western countries consider Ukraine an instrument for pursuing their interests in the region, Izvestia told the newspaper Maria Zakharova, official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“Ukraine is perceived by the West as an instrument of influence, carrying out its interests in the region, destabilizing the situation, influencing some processes, the accusations against us are endless”, — she said.

According to the diplomat, Western countries need a reason to “support the fire of sanctions” in relation to Russia. “Well, there are no facts proving our aggression, some kind of violation of international law by us, non-partnership relations,” — she said, adding that therefore Ukraine was “taken as a platform for experiments.”

Zakharova recalled that Russia is waiting for a written response from Western partners to each of the points of proposals for security guarantees and is showing “absolute cooperation” ;.

Earlier, a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused the Western and Ukrainian media of spreading messages about the impending “Russian invasion” to Ukraine in order to cover up “their own large-scale provocations.” According to Zakharova, Western countries are trying to prepare the information space for a number of major provocations, including military ones. She believes that the British Foreign Office was preparing a “throw-in” in advance; that Russia allegedly seeks to change power in Ukraine, and it should be regarded as malicious information aggression.

On the night of January 23, the British Foreign Office said that it had data on the desire of the Russian authorities “to install a pro-Russian leader". One of the possible candidates, the department named the ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Yevgeny Muraev, who has been under Russian sanctions since 2018. According to Sky News, the message of the British Ministry is based on US intelligence data.

In Moscow, in response to this, they said that the British Foreign Office was spreading disinformation, and this indicates that “it is the NATO countries led by the Anglo-Saxons are escalating tensions around Ukraine».

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