The FBI denies the fact of hacking into its systems by hackers

The bureau admitted that cybercriminals had used errors in settings. However, they assured that they did not get to the internal mail

FBI Headquarters (Washington, USA)

The attackers did indeed send fake emails from the FBI addresses, but they failed to gain access or hack any of the agency's data. the bureau said.

According to the FBI, the unknown took advantage of errors in the software settings, which allowed them to use the LEEP law enforcement portal to send fake emails. LEEP & mdash; it is the FBI's IT infrastructure that the agency uses to communicate with colleagues in states and cities. This service has nothing to do with the internal mail of the FBI, the department stressed.

“ No one was able to access or hack any data or personal data from the FBI networks, '' & mdash; assured in the bureau. They also assured that they had already fixed the vulnerability.

Earlier, Bloomberg reported about the hacking of the external email system of the FBI with reference to the British organization Spamhaus, which monitors the spread of spam messages.

She claimed that after the hack, the hackers sent out at least 100,000 emails “ warning of a possible cyberattack. ''

According to Spamhaus, the subject of which was stated: “ Urgent: attacker in the system '', started around midnight. The letters were sent on behalf of the US Department of Homeland Security and warned recipients that cybersecurity expert Vinnie Troy was the attacker.

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