The expert told why it is necessary to monitor NATO ships in the Black Sea

Electronic intelligence data will help create false targets if necessary

In recent days, the situation in the Black Sea has become tense. US Air Force reconnaissance planes and ships of their 6th Fleet, who arrived here for an international exercise, feel almost at home. The Russian military is behaving in a rather reserved manner. Previously, they allowed themselves more active actions. For example, electronic warfare (EW) complexes “blinded” American radars or simulated attacks on the deck of a destroyer, showing who is the boss. Now nothing of the kind is heard. Silence. Why?

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A military expert told MK about the reaction of the Russian military to the appearance of NATO ships in the Black Sea.

The Russian military reported yesterday that seven NATO ships were simultaneously operating in the Black Sea, including the American destroyer Porter and the command ship Mont Whitney. Then they were joined by two more Ukrainian ones – “Slavyansk” and “Olefirenko”, which looked almost like insects against the background of the “Americans”.

A British RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft, US Air Force B-1B strategic bombers along with an air tanker, and two groups of F-15 Strike Eagle aircraft were seen over the Black Sea. Russian ships, including the frigate Admiral Essen, the patrol ship Pavel Derzhavin, and the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, the missile cruiser Moskva, continued to track the intruders.

This is not the first time NATO ships and aircraft have come close to our borders, tickling the nerves of our military. It happened that in response they received a tickling response. The media wrote about this more than once, telling how Russian aircraft with electronic warfare (EW) systems jammed, blinded, the American destroyer Porter, or Donald Cook.

It was even reported that after one of these attacks of 27 sailors of the “Donald Cook” after the experienced stress in a nearby port, asked for dismissal, intending to leave the military service. But this time, during the NATO exercises in the Black Sea, the Internet for some reason does not give out such uplifting stories.

– Because such stories are fakes, at best, a strong exaggeration, – explained to MK, military expert captain 1st rank in reserve Vladimir Gundarov. – There was nothing of the kind. Nobody was scared, did not quit. And in general, such a “tickling of nerves” can lead to dangerous consequences. You just need to follow the order and do your job. Our sailors are doing just that now. They are conducting electronic reconnaissance. They determine on what ships, what frequencies, with what parameters the electronic equipment, missile and artillery systems of our “guests” work. American equipment emits pulses in an electronic field. We catch them, record them, study them.

– We have electronic warfare and electronic reconnaissance complexes on all aircraft, on all ships.

Now all missiles and many artillery shells are guided. They fly according to signals transmitted to them from a satellite by the American GPS system. That is, the GPS system determines the coordinates of the target, and already by these coordinates – and all of them are transmitted electronically – either a missile or a guided projectile is guided to the target.

– We can create with their help, figuratively speaking, “Air bubbles”. When a guided missile hits it, it loses its GPS signal and no longer knows where to fly. Roughly speaking, it flies by itself, where it hit its electronic head.

Or, let's say, with the help of electronic warfare, a kind of added reality is created. By the way, NATO members often complained that we are creating such an added reality for them in the Black Sea. This is when a ship, for example, is moored, and the data from its navigation complex show that it is somewhere in the very middle of the Black Sea. That is, they cannot determine their own location with all the ensuing consequences.

– First, we are listening to their conversations. And second: we are conducting reconnaissance in order to obtain a picture reflecting the control signals of their weapons. Knowing them, we will just be able to create an “added reality” for him, pointing in a completely different direction.

We conduct such reconnaissance constantly. Not only using complexes on board aircraft, but we do it with the help of ground reconnaissance systems that we have in Crimea. You don't even need to lift the plane to do this. It is enough just to sit in an armchair, look at the monitor screen, and almost all objects located in the northern part of the Black Sea will be at a glance.

In addition, the Black Sea Fleet also has special reconnaissance ships, they go out to sea, where their equipment closely monitors our “guests”. It records the frequencies at which weapons are operating, at which negotiations are underway. All this is then analyzed and on the basis of such a picture a control system for our own electronic weapons is drawn up.

– Naturally, they do not use missiles, but only train. They have a combat application program, and there is a training one. Combat from training differs only in that at the end of the combat program a button is pressed and the rocket flies. And at the end of the training, the button is pressed, but the rocket does not fly. At the same time, computer modeling shows whether the missile hit the target of a simulated enemy. For us, in both cases, the difference is small. Our reconnaissance systems track these launches, recording all parameters. They will be the same in the case of live fire.

So the Americans are training to work on us. We follow them. But here it is important that there are no provocations that can turn training electronic shooting into real combat.


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