The expert told what medicines should be in the first-aid kit for vacation

Before leaving, it is necessary to put in the first-aid kit drugs that a person takes constantly, as well as antihistamines, antipyretics, sorbents and first aid, Moskve 24 reported. therapist Tatyana Romanenko.

The specialist noted that it is especially important to take the right amount of medicine prescribed by the doctor for an existing disease. It is also worth putting an antipyretic, for example, paracetamol, antihistamines for allergies, activated charcoal, or more modern sorbents for intoxication. In addition, it is better to take a bandage, antiseptic liquids for the throat and for treating wounds, a bactericidal and waterproof adhesive plaster on a trip.

Earlier, Roszdravnadzor reported that the supply of drugs from Europe to Russia continues to be carried out as planned without failures and in the same volumes.

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