The expert said that Russia could coordinate the special operation in Ukraine with the United States

“The Pentagon monitored the outbreak of hostilities online”

It is reported that at the moment a US strategic unmanned vehicle is loitering over the Black Sea, which is monitoring the ongoing events. Why don't our military touch and try to shoot down this American drone? After all, Putin warned “external forces” from interfering. A military expert, captain 1st rank in the reserve, Vladimir Gundarov, expressed his version of this to MK

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– Since yesterday evening, I have been following the Flytradar what was happening in the airspace over the territory of the conflict, and I realized that the war began under the control of two strategic American drones. They, starting from yesterday evening, flew in the area of ​​the Russian and Belarusian borders. And it all started as they told the Pentagon: first a DDoS attack, why suppress air defenses and airfields, and so on. That is, I think everything was agreed in advance with President Biden. And he knew all this very well. Apparently, American intelligence was just very interested in knowing how it all really happens in reality. How does Russia act in such situations. That is why they launched two strategic drones. And no one, of course, knocked them down. They flew with their transponders on, their registration numbers are there, and they can be easily tracked on the Flyradar. So everything is going according to plan. Moreover, according to a plan that is well known and coordinated with the United States. It is no coincidence that Biden withdrew both special forces and all his units from Ukraine. It is no coincidence that the diplomats left for Lvov, and now they are spending the night in Poland, since the Ukrainians themselves reported that the attack was carried out on the airfield in Vinnitsa. Army warehouses are burning there now. And this is Western Ukraine.

According to Gundarov, President Lukashenko, of course, also knew about everything. He was recently given a tour of the command post of the Armed Forces and was shown our strategic capabilities. He was very impressed by this.

– Old Man, I'm sure, was also aware of everything that was about to happen, the expert states. — That is, everyone in the world knew everything perfectly, except for Zelensky.


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