The expert predicted the strengthening of air defense in the Crimea after the attacks of drones

Means of protection against small targets are needed

In recent days, the Crimean peninsula has been attacked using unmanned aerial vehicles by, most likely, sabotage groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was not the case before. According to local authorities, the air defense systems covering the peninsula repelled the attacks. What could be the reason for such activity of the enemy, and whether it is a real threat to us, military expert Yevgeny Linin told MK.

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– Kyiv authorities today are not independent. Everyone understands this. Politicians follow the commands of the West, and across the ocean they want to see at least some results of the actions of the armed forces of Ukraine, to make sure that the assistance that the West provides to Zelensky is not in vain.

The counteroffensive near Kherson failed, the Armed Forces of Ukraine cannot hold their positions near Donetsk, they are also not capable of creating a real threat in the Zaporozhye direction, and therefore a massive attack of unmanned aerial vehicles on the Crimean peninsula was prepared. We must understand that this is more of a PR campaign for all sorts of arrest officers and other Ukrainian propagandists. This cannot be considered some kind of real military victory.

What are we seeing in reality? The Armed Forces of Ukraine accumulated a large number of drones, launched them, and some of them were able to fly to the target without being noticed. Then the air defense system began to work.

It is worth noting that the air defense of Crimea is a system in depth, it is almost impossible to fly unnoticed. No country in the world has experienced such a mass attack by military drones from different directions and is not able to repel such attacks as effectively.

– Unmanned aerial vehicles have a limited range of use. The so-called kamikaze drones fly several tens of kilometers. If, for example, we consider a range of 50 kilometers, then it must take off from somewhere on the territory of Crimea, which is unlikely. Or from passing ships masquerading as civilians. Also, in my opinion, unlikely.

Nikolaev, which is still under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, is the closest in a straight line to the Crimean peninsula, is located at a fairly large distance that drones must overcome over the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, covered by the Tor and Tor 2 air defense systems.

Perhaps the drones can take off from the territory of Odessa. Thus, they immediately come out over the sea at a low altitude, where their detection by means of radar surveillance is difficult.

– Attacks, of course, will be, because for Ukraine, as I already said, this is the only chance to show that they can take at least some steps against Russia. Those air defense systems that are used in the Crimea have already shown their effectiveness in practice. Additionally, radar systems are now strengthening the detection of precisely small targets. These are the stations that are used in the Tor and Pantsir complexes, which will increase the number of simultaneously tracked targets and increase the effectiveness of air defense.

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