The authorities explained the increase in the qualification for a children’s book about the exiled Germans

The authorities explained the increase in the age limit for a children's book about exiled Germans The age limit for the children's story “The Wormwood Tree” was raised after an expert from the USPU found in it “an attempt to inspire disrespect for the [Soviet] authorities.” The publishing house intends to conduct an alternative examination children's book about exiled Germans” />

The authorities of the Sverdlovsk region recommended that schools and libraries raise the age limit for the story “The Wormwood Tree” Olga Kolpakova, since the examination found a “distortion of historical facts” in the work, Kommersant was told in the regional department of information policy.

Earlier, Kolpakova said that local libraries and schools received an unspoken order to remove her book from the collections. In the story «The Wormwood Tree» the writer revised the memoirs of her teacher, the Volga German Maria Fitz, whose family was deported to Siberia during World War II. The title of the book refers to a real story, how the exiled Germans celebrated Christmas by dressing up a bush of wormwood instead of a Christmas tree. Age limit of the story— 12+, since 2017 it has been included in the school extracurricular reading program.

“We are not talking about the seizure of the book, it remains in the funds. According to the results of the examination, which, in particular, found a distortion in the text of historical facts, only a recommendation was sent to educational and cultural institutions to increase the age limit of the work, — told the newspaper in the department of information policy of the Sverdlovsk region.

They explained that the examination was carried out by Ivan Popp, an employee of the Ural State Pedagogical University. He is an assistant professor of advertising and public relations. In 2015, he was awarded a diploma of the then Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky “For success in patriotic education.”

According to Popp, the author of the story “is trying in some way to justify the offensive of the Nazis.” He draws such a conclusion from the episode in which the Volga Germans argue whether they could “agree” with the army of the Third Reich, and the question “maybe Stalin and the Red Army did wrong that they ordered everyone to leave their homes and leave?” compared the heads of the USSR and fascist Germany. We are talking about the phrase: “Just like Hitler, Stalin had unlimited power.”

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“Juggling history, slandering the leaders and the history of our country is clearly not conducive to a positive educational process. An attempt to instill in the reader a disrespectful attitude towards the authorities, not only through Comrade Stalin, but also through local leaders, suggests the destructive influence of this “work”. on the minds of the younger generation»,— the expert's opinion says.

He also adds that the book does not contain “a single story with a positive opinion about the representatives of the Soviet elite.” In addition, Kolpakova, according to the expert, promotes emigration— and this refutes the main positions of “modern Russia on saving the people of Russia and developing human potential.” When asked who requested an examination of the work, the Ural State Pedagogical University did not answer the publication.

Kolpakova told the EAN agency that CompassGuide (the publishing house that publishes Wormwood Tree) decided to order an alternative examination of the work. “Since Ivan Popp’s expertise has damaged both my reputation and the publishing house, the book will be given to independent experts. It is planned to attract professors in the field of history, linguistics and philology, — she said.

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