Süddeutsche Zeitung announced the detention of Akhmedov’s yacht in Hamburg

In April, the businessman fell under EU sanctions, according to sanctions legislation, his property should be frozen. The cost of the yacht Luna is estimated at more than $400 million ;ddeutsche Zeitung reported the detention of Akhmedov's yacht in Hamburg” />

In Hamburg, businessman Farkhad Akhmedov's yacht Luna was detained due to sanctions, Süddeutsche Zeitung writes.

According to her, the Federal Office of the Criminal Police of Germany had previously established Akhmedov's connection with the trust in Liechtenstein, through which he owns the yacht. The vessel was detained under the law on sanctions, which prescribes the freezing of all assets of blacklisted persons.

Akhmedov told RBC that the yacht was not arrested or “officially frozen”. “They have not allowed any ships to leave the port since the beginning of the war,” — he added.

Forbes estimates the businessman's fortune at $1.7 billion. He was included in the EU sanctions list in April.

The 115m Luna was built by Lloyd Werft in Germany in 2010. Initially, businessman Roman Abramovich was its owner, but in 2014 he sold the yacht to Akhmedov, Forbes wrote. According to Superyacht Fan, then Akhmedov bought the ship for $300 million, after which it was sent for repairs to Bremerhaven. There the yacht was lengthened by 2m, repainted and the engines replaced. Reuters estimates its cost at $436 million, Bloomberg— at $492 million.

In 2018, a London court ordered the arrest of Luna due to Akhmedov's divorce proceedings to secure payments to the businessman's ex-wife Tatyana. Then the billionaire moved her to Dubai and tried to hide from justice, wrote Bloomberg. The yacht was under arrest for more than a year, later it was removed, declaring it illegal.

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