State of emergency declared again in Sri Lanka

And about. The President of Sri Lanka declared a state of emergency last week. He issued a new decree on the introduction of a state of emergency “in the interests of public safety and public order”

The Acting President of Sri Lanka, Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe, has declared a state of emergency amid ongoing protests in the country, Reuters reports citing to the relevant point.

It is introduced “in the interests of public safety, maintaining public order and maintaining supplies and services necessary for the life of society.”

Wikramasinghe declared a state of emergency last week after leaving the country ex-president Gotabaya Rajapaksa. According to the agency, it is not clear whether the authorities withdrew the previous decree, expired, or Wickramasinghe decided to reissue it after being sworn in on July 15. Office Representative Acting The President did not respond to a Reuters request.

Reports of Razhdapaksa's departure from the country appeared on July 12, and his resignation was officially accepted two days later. Wikramasinghe— an associate of the ex-president and the main contender for taking the post of head of state on a permanent basis. However, his appointment could spark more unrest as protesters push for his departure, Reuters said. Wickramasinghe had previously promised that he would step down after the formation of a new government by the parliamentary parties.

Protests in Sri Lanka began in the spring against the background of the economic crisis. In April, the authorities defaulted on their external debt due to problems with importing essential goods due to a lack of currency. On July 9, protesters seized the official residence of the head of state, dozens of people were injured during the riots.

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