Sick leave in numbers. The procedure for issuing disability certificates has changed

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From January 1, 2022 in Russia in all regions disability certificates are issued electronically.

Thanks to the national project “Healthcare” in hospitals and polyclinics continues to create a single digital circuit. Computer equipment is being updated in healthcare institutions, the possibilities of telemedicine consultations are being developed.

In 2021, 29.52 million citizens (with a planned value of 18.0 million people for 2021) used the services in the Patient's Personal Account “My Health” on the Unified portal of public services and functions.

974,968 (with a plan of 966 thousand for 2021) automated workplaces of medical workers are connected to medical information systems in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

The electronic form of the certificate of incapacity for work appeared in Russia in 2017. All this time, both paper and electronic forms of sick leave were available to citizens. Since January 2022, sick leave has been issued only in electronic form. Medical organizations draw up electronic certificates of incapacity for work and upload them to the information system of the Social Insurance Fund. Automatically to a citizen in his personal account on the portal “Gosuslugi” a notification comes about the opening (and then about closing) of the sick leave. At the same time, it is not necessary to inform the employer about temporary disability, because the information received from the medical institution to the Social Insurance Fund system reaches the place of work itself. The employer, using information from the FSS database, fills out the necessary part of the form for calculating the amount of social benefits, after which the payment is calculated.

Thus, in the Republic of Chuvashia, the republican medical information system is integrated with the information system of the Social Insurance Fund. To date, electronic sick leave is issued by almost all medical organizations subordinate to the Ministry of Health of Chuvashia. In 2021, already & nbsp; 98% of sick leave certificates for residents of the republic are issued in electronic form.

In the Samara region in 2021, more than 800 thousand residents used the services in the Patient's Personal Account “My Health” on the Unified Portal of Public Services. In addition, all residents of the region have access to a remote appointment with a doctor through the Unified Contact Center. More than 800 thousand residents of the province also used this resource during the year. More than 4.5 million appointments with a doctor, emergency medical care were made in 2021 by phone numbers of registries of medical institutions. For this, self-registration terminals for citizens to see a doctor were also used.

In the Tyumen region, they are completely ready for the transition to electronic sick leave. This was reminded by the information center of the government of the Tyumen region. According to the regional health department, the region gradually switched to an electronic system for issuing sick leave. For this, a unified medical information system was successfully introduced. She reduced the time spent on issuing a disability certificate. In 2021, medical organizations issued 700 thousand documents on temporary disability, of which 646 thousand — electronic. 131 clinics have licenses to issue sick leave.

In the Vologda Oblast, the connection of feldsher-obstetric stations to high-speed Internet continues. In 2021, it was possible to expand telecommunication opportunities for 173 FAPs in all 26 districts. As a result, since the implementation of the national project, 364 medical institutions in small towns have been connected to the Internet, which contributes to increasing the availability and quality of medical care. FAPs are equipped with automated workstations, which are united by a single integrated information system. This significantly expands the capabilities of medical workers in the field. In the information system, an appointment is made with specialists and information about the state of health of patients is entered.

Creation of a unified digital circuit in healthcare based on a unified state information system in the field of healthcare — one of the main directions of the national project “Health”. It is aimed at improving the efficiency of the healthcare system by creating mechanisms for the interaction of medical organizations on the basis of a unified state system in the field of healthcare and the introduction of digital technologies and platform solutions that form a single digital healthcare circuit.


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