Russian Armed Forces have destroyed more than 1,800 Ukrainian military installations since the beginning of the operation

The RF Armed Forces have liquidated more than 1,800 military installations of Ukraine since the start of the military special operation, said Major General Igor Konashenkov, official representative of the RF Ministry of Defense. 

According to him, Russian servicemen continue to strike at the objects. During the operation, 65 command posts and communication centers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 56 anti-aircraft missile systems of anti-missile defense, and 59 radar stations were destroyed. 

Konashenkov added that 49 aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the ground and 13 aircraft in the air were destroyed , 635 tanks, 67 multiple launch rocket systems, 252 field artillery and mortar guns, 442 special equipment units, as well as 54 unmanned aerial vehicles.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the main groups of Ukrainian nationalists were surrounded and were destroyed. At the same time, about 200 mercenaries from Croatia arrived through Poland last week, who became part of one of the nationalist battles in the southeast of the country.


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