Rosgvardia published archives of the NKVD on the fight against spies in military Moscow

In the winter of 1942, hundreds of spies, accomplices, and policemen were arrested

The National Guard published wartime documents on the activities of the NKVD in the fight against German spies in January-February 1942. The reports report the arrest of spies and accomplices.

Photo from the archives of the NKVD

So, on February 13, 1942, a patrol detachment The 2nd company of the 20th motorized rifle regiment of the 2nd separate motorized rifle division of the NKVD troops of the USSR on Red Square in Moscow, an unknown person in military uniform was detained. He turned out to be a German spy. Red Army soldiers Hirin and Kiselyov were awarded nominal watches from the NKVD of the USSR and the Moscow Military District.

According to the documents, in January-February 1942, enemy agents were massively thrown into the rear of the Soviet troops, to Moscow and the Moscow region. In January 1942, a Red Army soldier of the 6th company of the 9th motorized rifle regiment of the NKVD Arshinov in Moscow detained and delivered to the commandant's office a German intelligence spy dressed in a Soviet military uniform.

In the same month, in the just liberated Mozhaisk, in the attic destroyed house found two working radio stations. For their service, the German command left a group of traitors to the Motherland. They were hiding in the basement of the house with supplies of food, weapons and ammunition.

In February 1942, the task force of the 9th company of the 262nd rifle regiment of the NKVD detained a man while cutting a high voltage power line.

In the same month, several accomplices of the Nazis were detained in Moscow, Tula.

According to the units of the internal troops of the NKVD, in January and February 1942, 302 Nazi intelligence spies, 437 accomplices of the Nazi invaders and 88 policemen were detained, and also 19 saboteurs.


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