RIA Novosti reported on the disclosed data of “Ukrainian intelligence officers”

The agency reported that RaHDit hackers released the data of 1,000 Ukrainian intelligence officers. Information about the activities of the group began to appear since March. RBC's source noted that it was impossible to confirm its existence “RIA Novosti” reported on the disclosed data of “Ukrainian intelligence officers” />

The RaHDit hacker group has made publicly available the data of 1,000 employees of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, RIA Novosti reports. Their authenticity was confirmed to the agency by a source in one of the Russian special services, saying that the materials “are beyond doubt.”

According to the agency, among the disclosed intelligence officers are representatives of embassy residencies in Russia, India, Austria, Vietnam, South Africa, Italy, Turkey, and Iran. The database also contains data from military intelligence curators in Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Slovakia. According to RIA Novosti, the list was formed due to flaws in the protection of the GUR central control networks.

The first mention of this hacker group appeared shortly after the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine. March 3 Telegram channel «Kremlin washerwoman» reported that RaHDIt hacked 755 websites of Ukrainian authorities, mostly local.

“RIA Novosti” repeatedly published news with reference to the members of the group, in particular about “Ukraine's information and psychological operations in Russia.” On June 1, the agency reported that RaHDIt had released the data of 700 members of the Security Service of Ukraine to the public.

The group's website reports that RaHDit stands for Russian angry Hackers Did it (“Angry Russian hackers did it”). It claims to publish data “on the Nazis of the 21st century and their collaborators, inhuman crimes and the criminals who commit them.”

Kaspersky Lab cybersecurity expert Dmitry Galov, in a conversation with RBC, drew attention to the fact that the most high-profile incidents related to these hackers appeared in March. According to him, RaHDIt is “rather a group of like-minded people, and not a hacker group in the classical view.” In turn, RBC's source in a company in the information security market noted that RaHDIt is as non-public as possible and it is impossible to confirm its existence.

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