Putin’s operation in Ukraine “killed” three presidents and the prime minister

After the end of hostilities, the world will be different

Russia's special military operation to protect Donbas continues. True, its scale does not correspond to the official name. “Polite people” who diligently avoid attacks on civilian infrastructure have been seen in various regions of Ukraine. The plan of the operation is known only in the Kremlin, and the outcome is not yet known. But one thing is for sure: these days will change the world.

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

No, of course, the political map of Europe and the world will remain the same, no one encroaches on anyone's borders. This primarily concerns the borders of Ukraine itself. Russia, if everything ends as planned, did not get such a prize as a poor, angry at all Ukraine, with its huge debts and ruined economy. We only needed one thing from a neighbor – so that she would not prevent us from developing, getting richer and not forcing us to spend huge amounts of money on more and more iron doors and signaling equipment.

No, everyone will stay within their boundaries, but some will go through a hard lobotomy session. It, of course, will not help those who have completely lost their adequacy. They are awaiting trial for their crimes, and long-term isolation.

But the shake-up will help a lot of other people in the same Ukraine to think about many questions: for whom to vote in the future? To whom to trust their fate and the fate of the country? Is it necessary to spread rot on their countrymen who speak Russian, or is it better to live in peace, as it has been for centuries? Is it permissible to look indifferently for eight years at how compatriots are being killed nearby, in the Donbass? God willing, consciousness will clear up.

What else will inevitably change in the world Putin's unexpected move? A trifle – the change of political elites in the USA, Great Britain, France and, perhaps, somewhere else. By shooting in Ukraine, Putin killed the political prospects of Biden and the US Democratic Party. Agree, the flight of the Americans and others like them from Kyiv will be more abrupt than the evacuation from Kabul. Two betrayals in a row, perhaps, will be enough to lose their face in the world for a long time, their reputation and what else they have.

Who will now bet on “indestructible friendship with the hegemon”? No, perhaps in some places there will be the same Zelensky who will shout: “I'm not a sucker.” But, I think, their number is small.

Putin's special operation stole the laurels of the Nobel peacemaker from the Frenchman Macron, and, possibly, the prospects of winning this year's presidential election.

The Prime Minister of Great Britain with the Russian name Boris, too, is probably not accidentally hysterical in recent days, announcing Russia one punishment after another. It seems that he also lacks adequacy if, by threatening Russian billionaires with expropriation, he plays into the hands of Putin, for whom it is extremely important to rally and nationally orient his elite. Something suggests that this head of the British government will not win Churchill's laurels in terms of the number of years of public service for Her Majesty.

But all these political reshuffles are nothing compared to the main result of Putin's special military operation. The main thing is that she showed that the world is really becoming different. It no longer has, as decades before, a formidable master who commands his slaves and does what he wants. Someone executes, someone pardons, someone, in general, deprives of life. It is clear that such an order could not last forever. World history is a witness to this. He would inevitably fall. For example, due to the fact that China solved the problem of Taiwan.

But history decreed otherwise. She entrusted Russia with putting a bright touch on the new picture of the world.

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