Putin wrote an article for the Chinese news agency Xinhua

Putin and Xi Jinping will meet on Friday, February 4, before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. It is planned to adopt a joint statement on international relations

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The Kremlin website hosts an article titled “Russia and China: A Future-Oriented Strategic Partnership” written by Russian President Vladimir Putin on the eve of his official visit to Beijing.

In the text of the article, the Russian leader emphasizes that Moscow is determined to continue effective economic cooperation with China, and the development of Siberia and the Far East, regions that border China, is one of the priorities of the Russian authorities.

Putin recalls that Russia and China are powers with thousands of years of original traditions and colossal cultural heritage. Moscow highly appreciates that bilateral relations between the countries, strategic interaction has entered a new era, reaching an unprecedented level.

Last year, trade between the countries reached a record $140 billion, Moscow hopes to increase trade volume to $200 billion in Putin added.

The Russian authorities intend to attract Chinese investment and technology for the development of the Far East region and Siberia, and plans to expand global transport routes.

In addition, Putin noted the special role of Beijing in stabilization of the world situation through the coordination of foreign policy.

“The foreign policy coordination of Russia and China is based on close, coinciding approaches to solving global and regional problems. Moscow and Beijing play an important stabilizing role in the current, far from simple, international situation, giving the system of interstate relations a fairer, more inclusive character,” Mr. Putin wrote.

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