Putin is going to discuss with Biden the acute situation around Ukraine

Western countries are urgently urging their citizens to leave Ukrainian territory

Tension around Ukraine is growing – and Western leaders are diligently increasing this tension. After US President Biden urged American citizens to leave Ukrainian territory in the face of an almost imminent Russian invasion, a dozen other countries strongly advised their compatriots to leave Nezalezhnaya. Meanwhile, talks between President Putin and his American and French counterparts are scheduled for Saturday.

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Although the White House noted that the telephone conversations between Presidents Putin and Biden were proposed by the Russian side, according to the press secretary of the Russian leader, the conversation will take place at the initiative of Washington . It also became known about the planned telephone conversation between Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin. It is clear that the topic of both talks will be the crisis around Ukraine.

According to CNN, Biden's telephone conversation with Putin will be the first communication between the two presidents since the end of December. Since then, according to US intelligence estimates, the number of Russian troops near Ukraine has increased, and the prospects for an invasion have increased. For its part, CNN recalls, Russia's Foreign Ministry on Friday accused Western countries and the media of spreading a “large-scale disinformation campaign” that promotes the thesis of an allegedly impending Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Prior to this, on Friday, Joe Biden held a conference call with the leaders of Western countries, as well as the leadership of NATO and the European Union. Macron, German Chancellor Scholz, British Prime Minister Johnson, Polish President Duda, Romanian President Iohannis, Italian Prime Minister Draghi, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg and the EU leadership took part in the conversation with the US President.

Declaring on the one hand their commitment to a diplomatic solution to the crisis, Western leaders agreed, on the other hand, in their firm intention to take coordinated actions to counter “further Russian aggression against Ukraine” and threatened Russia with “massive consequences” and serious sanctions.

The Ukrainian crisis is becoming more acute every day. US Secretary of State Blinken, while on a visit to Australia, said that the Russian invasion of Ukraine, according to the White House, could happen at any time – including before the end of the Beijing Olympics, which will last until February 20. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan is also scaring his audience with claims that Russia could attack Ukraine during the Olympics. “If the Russian attack on Ukraine continues,” the American politician whips up alarmist moods, “it will probably begin with air bombardments and missile strikes, which, obviously, can kill civilians regardless of their nationality. The subsequent ground invasion will obviously be associated with the onset of massive forces. Clarifying his warnings, Sullivan stated: “I won't go into intelligence, but if you look at the forces in both Belarus and Russia across the Ukrainian border from the north and east, the Russians today are in a position to be able to deploy a major military operation in Ukraine.”

Commenting on the statements of the US President's national security adviser, Russian Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov said that this was seen as “only the administration's desire to maximize the degree of the propaganda campaign against our country” and “to give the public the impression that “aggression” is inevitable.”

Against this background, US President Biden called on American citizens who are on the territory of Ukraine to immediately leave this country due to the threat of war. “Things can quickly get out of hand,” he said. It is significant that Biden said that he was not ready to send the US military to evacuate US citizens from Ukraine, since this is fraught with clashes with Russian troops, which could lead to a world war. And presidential adviser Jake Sullivan said that all Americans in Ukraine should leave this country “as soon as possible and in any case within the next 24-48 hours”: “Obviously we cannot predict the future, we do not know exactly what will happen. But the risk is now high enough and the threat imminent enough that prudence requires it.”

Following the United States, their citizens were urged to urgently leave Ukraine and the authorities of Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Norway, Latvia, Estonia, the Netherlands, Montenegro, and Japan. And South Korea did not limit itself to recommendations, but simply banned its citizens from traveling to Ukraine, and those who are already there, ordering them to leave urgently – for greater persuasiveness, threatening disobedient punishment in accordance with the laws of the country.

At that time, While Washington is calling on its peaceful citizens to stay away from Ukraine, the United States is moving additional military contingents to the east of Europe. In particular, the Pentagon plans to send another 3,000 troops of the 82nd Airborne Division from North Carolina to Poland in the coming days. Earlier this month, 1,700 soldiers from the same division had already redeployed to Poland. Also, the command of the US Air Force announced the transfer of F-16 combat aircraft from Germany to Romania to the air base in Fetesti, which is less than 100 kilometers from the Black Sea.

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