Psaki: US no longer considers Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine “imminent”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, during a briefing for media representatives, said that Washington had abandoned the definition of “imminent aggression”; in a situation with Russia's alleged plans to carry out an “invasion” to Ukraine.

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Answering journalists' questions, Psaki admitted that she had indeed used it in her speeches a similar message, as well as other representatives of the executive branch of the US government. But now it has been decided to abandon it.

“We stopped using the term 'imminent invasion' because … it sent a signal that Washington did not intend to send … As if we knew that the president Russian Federation Putin has already made a decision,” the White House press secretary explained, quoted by RIA Novosti.

She added that

in Washington, in most cases, they said that Russia could ” “invade at any time” to Ukraine.

“It's true, but we still don't know if he made such a decision,” Psaki concluded.


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