Political scientist told why the EU is going to expel Ukrainian men

This is an indicator of who these people are for Europeans

The head of the military-civilian administration of the Kherson region, Kyrylo Stremousov, said on June 21 that the EU is considering the option of expelling Ukrainian men of military age in the form of assistance for APU. Political scientist, head of the BaltNews news agency Andrei Starikov believes that the possible decision of the European Union says two things.

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On the air of the press conference of the media group «Patriot» Starikov noted that the desire of Washington and Brussels to fight against Russia “to the last Ukrainian” is not a figure of speech. According to the expert, the possible expulsion of people from the EU primarily indicates a shortage of fighters capable of resisting the Russian Armed Forces.

The political scientist noted that “the last Ukrainian is already on the horizon”, namely the one who will be ready to defend the criminal regime of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Starikov stressed that there are not enough people, so mobilization is needed, which will not be limited to the territories of the “former Ukraine”, but will also affect the Baltic countries and Poland, where there are quite a lot of men of military age.

According to the expert, it is not worth harbor illusions about protection from the European Union. The political scientist is convinced that for direct or indirect support of the criminal authorities in Kyiv, one will either have to pay with their lives or participate in the confrontation that Kyiv started, and the West, in turn, supported.

In addition, the political scientist noted that the actions of the European authorities show their true attitude towards Ukraine and its inhabitants, to whom they promised protection. According to Starikov, someone went to the West to take refuge there, and now they are being deprived of temporary shelter and they want to be thrown “into the meat grinder.” The expert believes that this is done out of desperation and understanding of the real picture of the battle, gigantic losses in eastern Ukraine, as well as the lack of command and control from the decision-making center.

In conclusion, Starikov added that the Kyiv regime will go to any lengths to demonstrate to the collective West the intention to go all the way in the confrontation with Russia. According to him, statements about the planned expulsion of Ukrainian men from the EU are an indicator of who these people are for Europeans. In addition, the political scientist clarified that the fatigue of the Europeans themselves from the situation is superimposed on this, since they do not need either refugees or the consequences of their “adventure”.

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