Poland proposed to exclude Moscow and Minsk from international organizations

The Polish Deputy Prime Minister accused Russia of using Belarus to create a migration crisis on the EU border. He called for an early opposition to Moscow and Minsk and warned about the “serious consequences” of delay

Piotr Glinsky

Russia and Belarus should be excluded from international organizations and removed from sports competitions for creating a migration crisis at the EU borders. This statement was made by the Polish Deputy Prime Minister Piotr Glinsky in an interview with the Polska Times.

'International pressure on these two regimes' Belarusian and Russian & mdash; should be much stronger. Yaby even considered the possibility of excluding these two countries from many international organizations, including from important sporting events for them, '', & mdash; said the Deputy Prime Minister.

Glinsky said that Poland considers what is happening on the border with Belarus to be a manifestation of aggression on the part of Russia, which, in turn, uses the Belarusian authorities for pressure. “ Putin (Vladimir Putin & mdash; RBC) invented a method of pressure from (Alexander) Lukashenko. We must be aware that even if today or tomorrow we repel this attack, it can last for years. Therefore, we have to act very decisively. & lt;. & gt; Russia needs to be forced to stop its aggression '', & mdash; said the prime minister.

He added that he sees Russia as an 'aggressive empire in the East', and the actions of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko 'mdash; as “ criminal activity, intelligent and ruthless, associated with the activities of the smuggling mafias and human trafficking. '' At the same time, the Deputy Prime Minister said that both Moscow and Minsk understand only the language of economic and political pressure.

The official urged to intensify confrontation with these countries, since, in his opinion, the current situation is a race against time, a loss in which could lead to negative consequences. “ Terrible situations can arise that I don't even want to talk about. If we fail, and this is a race against time, we do not mobilize international institutions, including the EU and NATO, we do not incapacitate Lukashenka and Putin & lt; & hellip; & gt; which is extremely difficult, we may face very serious consequences & raquo;, & mdash; Glinsky said.

The President of Poland Andrzej Duda previously accused the Belarusian authorities of deliberately creating the migration crisis. According to him, the Belarusian authorities are deliberately sending migrants to the border with the EU.

The migration crisis worsened on November 8, when thousands of migrants from the Middle East arrived in the border areas in Belarus. The EU accused Minsk and Moscow of complicity in creating the crisis, Belarus and Russia denied these accusations.

Earlier, on November 14, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that the crisis on the Belarusian-Polish border was created, among other things, for to divert attention from Russia's military activity on the border with Ukraine. In Washington, it was previously announced about the buildup of Russia's military presence near the border with Ukraine and the possibility of military aggression.

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