Peskov said that the West is annoying “the very existence” of Russia

For this reason, Western states do not allow Russia to live the way it wants and develop, the presidential press secretary believes

Dmitry Peskov

The collective West irritates the very existence of Russia as a state, so it tries to do everything to prevent the country from developing and living as it wants, said the press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov, speaking at the marathon of the Knowledge Society.

“Sometimes it seems that the very existence of Russia is a significant irritant for the collective West and they are ready to do anything to prevent us from developing the way we want and living the way we want,” — he said (TASS quote).

He suggested calling unfriendly countries “hostile” because they were waging war against Russia. Moscow considers unfriendly all the states that have imposed sanctions against it, including Japan, the United States and the EU countries.

On May 14, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke about the fact that Western countries have declared an all-out hybrid war on Russia. He accused the US of preparing the crisis since the end of the Cold War and said that Moscow was up to the challenge.

Earlier, in mid-April, Peskov said that Russia was able to “succeed” in a confrontation with the West and withstand external pressure, although the Soviet Union could not do this.

In mid-February, before the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the country was not seeking war, but peace, and therefore invites NATO and the US to conclude an agreement on security assurances. Negotiations on this issue were held in January and did not give a concrete result.

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On May 11, Lavrov again stated that Moscow does not want war, and, on the contrary, only the West wants to “defeat” it. Western states are promoting the concept of a unipolar world and encouraging colonialism, the era of which has already passed, the minister believes.

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