Peskov said that his daughter’s eyes are “opening” due to sanctions

The European Union has included Peskov's daughter Elizaveta, son Nikolai and wife Tatyana Navka on the sanctions list. The Kremlin representative said that it was useless to challenge the decision of Brussels, and spoke about his daughter's work in the Russian-French Foundation

Dmitry Peskov and Tatyana Navka

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, whose wife Tatyana Navka and children Elizaveta and Nikolai fell under EU sanctions on June 3, told RIA Novosti that it was useless to challenge the decision now: “There is no fair trial.” “One can only regret that Europe is forced to follow the trend set in Washington,” — he added.

Peskov told TASS that his daughter Elizabeth “loves France very much”, where she lived and studied for a long time. “But already many years ago she moved to us, she graduated from the MGIMO master's program here, lives and works here in Moscow. And she is connected with France only by sympathy and warm feelings, nothing else, — emphasized the representative of the Kremlin, noting that Elizaveta Peskova works at the Foundation for the Development of Russian-French Historical Initiatives. In particular, there she worked for several years on a project to excavate and return to France the remains of the French General Cesar Charles-Etienne Guden, who died in 1812, discovered in 2019 near Smolensk.

“And it’s very interesting that she also fell under sanctions. She opens her eyes to many things, — Peskov noted.

The presidential representative himself was under EU sanctions due to the military operation in Ukraine in March. The United States imposed sanctions against both Peskov and his wife and adult children.

Elizaveta Peskova, commenting on Washington's decision to the Antiglyanets publication, called it insanity “to impose sanctions on adult children who have long been leading their personal <…> and professional life” and called for “stopping the ongoing witch hunt.” «I am proud to be Russian»— added the daughter of the Kremlin representative.

Tatyana Navka reacted to US sanctions with the words “life goes on.”

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