Nuland called the conditions for the lifting of Western sanctions against Russia

This statement was made by the Deputy Secretary of State of the United States.

According to US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, the new anti-Russian sanctions of the West will be lifted if Russia's special operation in Ukraine stops.

TASS writes about this.

Nuland said that from Russia help will also be required in rebuilding Ukraine, restoring peace. In addition, Moscow needs to recognize the sovereignty of this country and its “right to exist”.

She noted that the Russian authorities now “deny the very right of Ukraine to exist”.

Nuland did not directly answer the question of whether Washington is going to recognize Russia's red lines, including the security requirement that Ukraine refuse to participate in NATO and further expand the bloc to the east.

According to her, the United States was ready to discuss most of Russia's issues, including reducing the number and scale of military exercises.

She emphasized that the North Atlantic Alliance had no intention of deploying offensive weapons in Ukraine.


“We were not going to let Russia make decisions for NATO”, – she said.

Victoria Nuland called NATO “defensive alliance” and stressed that the bloc, like Ukraine, poses a “zero threat” Russia.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Zelensky offered negotiations to Putin.

According to him, Ukraine does not pose any threat.


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