New York to tighten gun laws after Buffalo shooting


On Tuesday, May 17, New York City officials will introduce a package of laws to combat gun trafficking, said State Gov. Kathy Hokul, CBS reports. .

This is how the Governor reacted to the shooting at the Buffalo supermarket near New York. Ten people were killed in the attack, and three more were injured.

“This must be stopped. On Tuesday, we already planned to announce a comprehensive package (of laws. — RBC) to combat arms trafficking in order to eliminate the remaining loopholes in the current legislation,— she said.

Hokul vowed that New York State would do “everything possible to keep laws tough to give law enforcement the resources they need.”

Shooting at Tops Friendly Supermarket Markets in Buffalo, New York took place on May 14th. According to the latest police reports, ten people were killed and three others were injured. At the same time, 11 out of 13 victims were African Americans.

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The police specified that the attacker was an 18-year-old white man who was heavily armed, wearing a helmet and other equipment. After the shooting, he was apprehended.

BNO News reported that the shooter broadcast his attack on Twitch and published an extremist manifesto. “In the document, he identified himself as an 18-year-old male and identified himself as a white supremacist, racist and anti-Semite,” published the publication. Twitch temporarily blocked the man's account and promised to take measures to prevent the distribution of the record, follows from the company's statement.

Later, the New York prosecutor's office charged the man with first-degree murder— the state's most serious allegation, Attorney John Flynn said at a news conference. The article provides for life imprisonment without the right to parole. The suspect was assigned a medical examination and may be charged with terrorism, said the prosecutor.

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