More than ten countries called on their citizens to leave Ukraine

Norway, Latvia and the Netherlands urged citizens to return from Ukraine Countries around the world seek to protect their citizens in Ukraine against the background of growing geopolitical tensions. About the residents of which states were called to leave Ukraine – in the material of RBC alt=”More than ten countries called on their citizens to leave Ukraine” />

US Embassy in Kiev

US President Joe Biden on February 11 urged Americans to leave Ukraine immediately. According to him, the situation in this country “could get out of control very quickly.” Warning calling not to visit Ukraine “due to the increased threat of Russian military operations and COVID-19” issued by the State Department.

Following the United States, the authorities of several other states recommended that their residents refrain from traveling to Ukraine.

It is not recommended for citizens of Great Britain to visit Ukraine, “as long as it can still be done commercially”, according to Foreign Office website. Reason— «growing threat from Russia».

Leaving Ukraine for citizens of the Netherlandsadvised the country's ambassador to Kiev Yennes de Mol. He noted that no centralized evacuation is planned. On the website of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a red level of travel danger has been assigned to a 10-kilometer zone near the border with Belarus and Russia, as well as to the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. Ukraine is posted on the Finland Foreign Ministry website. The agency refers to the “unpredictable security situation.” The Norwegian authorities justified their recommendation to leave Ukraine in a similar way.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latviaalso declared “a serious security threat from Russia”; and “real threat of escalation of the situation” and advised the Latvians to leave Ukraine. Estonian Foreign Minister Eva-Maria Liimets recommended avoiding trips to the country unless absolutely necessary.

The authorities of North Macedonia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro .

Ukraine was assigned a red level of danger by Japan and South Korea. Seoul has issued a Level 4 Travel Warning, which means a ban on visiting the entire territory of Ukraine.

They decided to evacuate their diplomats from Ukraine:

  • United States (Washington made this decision back in late January);
  • Great Britain, which ordered the evacuation the day after the United States;
  • Israel, which also advised its citizens to refrain from traveling to Ukraine.

The Czech Foreign Ministry has so far refrained from recommending citizens of the republic to leave Ukraine, TASS writes with reference to the press secretary of the department, Lenka Do. “The Czech Foreign Ministry is taking concrete steps to ensure the safety of the citizens of the republic who are currently on the territory of Ukraine,” — she emphasized. According to Bloomberg, Greece advised its citizens to contact the country's embassy in Kiev, but has not yet issued a recommendation for them to leave the country.

The European Union called on non-essential staff of the representative office in Ukraine to leave the country, however, as emphasized by the official representative of the European Service External Relations Peter Stano, this recommendation is not equivalent to the evacuation of employees.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on February 10 that he did not rule out a partial evacuation of diplomats from Ukraine, since similar measures were taken by the United States and UK. Now the embassy in Kiev is operating normally.

The Russian side has repeatedly denied the existence of plans to invade Ukraine.

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