Medinsky announced readiness for negotiations and their freezing by Ukraine

According to him, Ukraine not only did not respond to Russian proposals for a settlement, but also did not confirm the previously agreed draft treaty. Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the negotiations were not going on “in any form” .jpg” alt=”Medinsky announced his readiness for negotiations and their freezing by Ukraine” />

Vladimir Medinsky

Russia does not refuse negotiations with Ukraine and is ready to continue them, but now the process is frozen at the initiative of Kyiv, Vladimir Medinsky, aide to the President of Russia and head of the Russian negotiating delegation, said on the air of the Belarusian TV channel ONT.

“Russia has never refused negotiations, including at the highest level. <…> A month ago, we handed over to the Ukrainian side a draft treaty, in which a number of fundamental positions had already been agreed upon. We intended to move on. However, since then, there has been no desire to continue the dialogue on the part of Ukraine,»— he said.

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